Scar Help

Our specialised therapists provide an initial appointment which looks at the original wound connective tissue concerns, assess muscle and fascia stressors and provide exercises and education. On top of this, we have one of the few medical Scar Machines in Australia that realigns the layers required to flatten and lengthen scar tissue.

The improvement in my pain and movement in one short session at Active was astonishing

  • Reduce scar appearance
  • Improvement in pain
  • Reduction in tightness and improved movement
  • Reduce swelling

At Active Therapy we have been on a mission to provide the best treatment for scars for patients all over Australia.

It seems that scars can be a forgotten burden and yet the impact of pain, loss of movement and physical appearance can hugely decrease a patients quality of life. Our goal is to improve scars and get patients back to their most active self.

We treat scars from complex injuries, burns, post-surgical concerns and other scarring.